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Touchscreen Gloves For iPhone And Android Phones


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Touchscreen Gloves For iPhone And Android Phones.
Touch screen friendly winter gloves

For Smartphones and Tablets including iPhones and iPads

The perfect accessory for anybody with a touchscreen device during winter

These gloves give the user the ability to use touchscreen phones, pads or tablets outdoors white keeping hands and fingers warm during the cold winter months

Features 3 conductive material tipped fingers for easy use of your smartphone or tablet

Colours of the tip may vary slightly

Keeps your hands warm and toasty with no need to remove the gloves

Ideal for social networkers on-the-go or Bloggers

100% Acrylic

Colours: Black, Light Pink, Dark Grey, Sky Blue, Red, Green

1x Touchscreen Gloves For iPhone And Android Phones

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Dark Grey, Red, Sky Blue, Green, Black

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